Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Say It Ain't So

Embarrasing Confession # 287:  I keep hearing this song on the radio and everytime I hear it I stop & listen..I know the's in my head all the time. So I finally decide to download it from itunes and upon doing the search, I realize the song is by One Direction.  What in the actual fuck???  I like "Night Changes" by One Direction?  How can this be?  I hate myself for this.  So I quickly close out of iTunes without downloading it, and throw my iPhone into the Connecticut River before anyone can find evidence that I actually searched for that song on my phone.  I then called AT&T and asked them to shred all their phone data records for the last hour and to change the name on my account to "Jane Smith" just in case.  Ok, partially kidding on that last part... but really - this is worse than the time I realized I liked Taylor Swift.  So over the next few days, I hear it and turn it off an attempt to deny my love of the song "Night Changes".  Finally, as I was driving up to Boston on Saturday to see my mother, I gave in and let myself listen to it.  And sing.  Loud.  Ok, ok..I admit it...  I like a One Direction Song.  There, I said it.  I've since downloaded it and have enjoyed listening to it on repeat 632 times.  I now have to download Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in it's entirety in order to offset the lone One Direction Song.

Now onto shenanigans that involves embarassing my kids instead of myself...
Here's a overview of Ben's week... Last Thursday he fell running up the 3 steps from the famiy room to the kitchen and hit his chin on the edge of a step.  His chin opened up, he freaked out and off to the emergency room we went.  It took 4 Dr's, nurses & me to hold him down because he was NOT about to let anyone touch the chin.  3 stitches later (and a case of PTSD for mommy), he walks out and proceeds to tell everyone about how it was no big deal and it didn't hurt.  HAHA!  The day he was set to have his stitches out - 6 days later - we were at a field trip for his preschool at the Olive Garden where Ben took a bite of pizza and lost his first tooth.  It was an exciting moment...all his little preschool friends "high fiving" him.  So I put the tooth in a cup (which he carried around all day to show everyone we encountered - including the Dr who took out his stitches) and I warned him like 67 times NOT to lose the tooth, because then the tooth fairy wouldn't come.  Flash scene to 6pm - he had the tooth by his side in that cup (or so I thought) as he watched his after dinner TV show, when I hear him start crying.  By the time I got in there he had worked himself up into a full on frenzy.  When I asked him what happened, he said "Mommy I'm SORRY!!!  Don't be mad, Mommyyyyyy!", and I assumed he had misplaced the tooth. Ok, not the end of the world, right?  So I ask him what happened to the tooth, and he says "I stuck it up my nose"...then breaks down into a sobbing fit of hysteria.  HE STUCK HIS TOOTH UP HIS NOSE!  I literally laughed so hard I cried.  I can't make this stuff up.  So I immediately call my mom (who is a nurse) and she tells me that if I can't get the tooth out of his nose, we'll have to go to the ER...where we'll surely end up with our own personal reserved parking spot.  Meanwhile Ben is sobbing yelling "this is horrible!!" And then Lauren - who can't handle the magnitude of drama in the situation - starts crying.  So I have 2 hysterical kids - one with a tooth stuck up his nose... which sends me off into another fit of laughter - which probably makes me a horrible mom,  but let's face it - what else could I do?

So I block of one of his nostrils and have him blow out the other (basic "get a foreign object out of your kids nose" 101), and thank GOD the tooth came out.  So that was a few days ago.  Every so often, I'll ask Ben, "What lesson did we learn buddy?"  and he'll say "Don't put a tooth up your nose", very matter of factly.

As the spring arrives in full force, life is good.  I've been focusing on my yoga, meditation & really enjoying the beauty of spring.  As you know, I love going to cemeteries - there's one literally 5 minutes from my house that's absoutley beautiful.  In fact, I'm writing this blog from there right now. I'm sitting on my yoga mat in the sun on a little hill of this beautiful place.  I'm feeling blessed and lucky.  I'm exactly where I should be even though it's been a tough road to get here.  Change is never easy, but sometimes absolutely neccesary for growth.  As the sun shines on me and my Dunkin Donuts ice coffee today, I feel blessed with all I have and most especially my awesome mom & sister who have been my rocks in times of need or to text about our obsession with the show "Pretty Little Liars" which is what I'm currently bingewatching.
Well, HAPPY SPRING!   Tip of the day = don't stick anything up your nose :)