Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Decorate!

I love to decorate for every occasion.  I've been known to go a bit over the top (especially at Halloween) - but Halloween is worthy of it's own blog altogether!  Anyway, I've always loved having the house dressed up according to whatever holiday happens to be coming our way...and I find it especially fun now that I have the babies.  They LOVE to help mommy decorate and it provides hours of fun for them (and me!)  It gives them a creative little outlet.  Don't get me wrong - we're not competing on Design Star over here :)   We're just having some fun while making the house look festive :) I usually make a it a day project for the kids.  I'll tell them the night before as I'm putting them to bed that tomorrow we're going to the "decoration store" and then come home and decorate. Afterward we bake a dessert that has something to do with the holiday.  More on that later!  It's a busy day with several different parts of the "project" :)    So how do we decorate on a budget?  DOLLAR TREE

I've never been into a Dollar Tree prior to having kids. WHAT?  I know....I've clearly been living under a rock.  When we were having a bday party for my son a few years ago, someone told me the Dollar Tree had mylar balloons for - your guessed it - $1 each. Compared to $3+ a balloon at some of the other party stores, I decided to check it out. When I got there I was OVERWHELMED!  I mean, tons and tons of party decor, seasonal decor, arts & crafts for kids....all for $1 each.  I couldn't believe it.  Now I'm hooked.  It's perfect for what we're doing...having fun decorating  - not having to worry about the kids dropping expensive decor or family heirlooms :)    What I like to do is pair this Dollar Tree stuff with some nicer pieces I already have.  For example, I spent less than $10 decorating for Valentine's Day.  And I can reuse most of this stuff next year.  I always decorate my mantle and then scatter a few other seasonal pieces around the living room and dining room. Here are some pics of my Dollar Tree decor...

Halloween Mantle....

Fake black roses from Dollar Tree in a nice vase I already had, 1 package of scattered fall leaves, 2 little "tombstones", 2 snowglobes with black cats & pumpkins, tealight candles, and of course spiderwebs with plastic spiders (needed 2 packages of spiderwebs). Everything on this mantle is from the Dollar Tree accept for the vase and the large candles.   Total spent -$8

 The Fall Dining Room....a pack of 10 colored fall leaves - you guessed it - $1.  I tape them up at varying angles around the room.  The little scarecrow I use for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Another cute tombstone, and an old car being driven by 2 skeletons I bought on a 50% sale after last Halloween for $4 (not Dollar Tree!) .  Tealight candles in pumpkin candelholders (courtsey of my mother, and may I add - straight from the 70's.  No seriously, these things were made in someone's ceramics class..)  You can buy a bag of tealight candles for $1, as well.  Total spent - $7

Thanksgiving Mantle.  Used the leaves and scarecrow from Halloween.  2 turkey candleholders as decor (thanks mom).  I put some funky gold shimmery stalks from Dollar Tree in the vase and bought a roll of pretty ribbon and tied a bow around the vase.  Total Spent - $4

 Valetines Day Mantle!  Dollar Tree buys:  both red heart vases, 2 packages of pink & red glittery heart sticks to fill up the vases, a roll of red heart garland, a bouquet of fake roses in vase I already had. Red heart on wall (in a pack of 6).  Total spent - $7

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