Thursday, January 23, 2014

January: A Month of Cold & Crazy

So it's late January.  A time for breaking New Year's resolutions, bundling up in 17 layers of clothes & dealing with the Polar Vortex, and generally just trudging along until a more exciting month comes along.  January is admittedly NOT my favorite month.  Or my second favorite.  In fact, it's my 12th favorite.  I actually like the snow and enjoy the seasons and winter...but January is basically a baron wasteland of nothingness.  The excitement of the December holidays are long gone....The February excitement of  rodents popping out of their there hiding spots to predict the start of spring is still so far off.  But I suppose January has it's place.  It kind of forces us to take a break.  I like to think of January as a month where I figure things out...set in motion plans for the New Year.  I don't feel that pressure to be out and about since it's negative 17 degrees out.  It's the one month out of the year when I don't feel guilty snuggling up under some warm blankets with the kids and watching movies and resting instead of being out with the kids out doing things with our free time, as the germ factor is also at a fever pitch (haha..."fever" pitch...pun TOTALLY intended).  Gosh, I guess the cabin "fever" really is setting in.  I know what you're thinking...."But Melissa, you're already off your rocker!  How much crazier could you get?" 

Well I'm glad you asked.  Turns out there was room for a lot more crazy, as evidenced by the following information...

So Santa brought the kids some movies for Christmas - one of them being "Despicable Me 2".  The Despicable Me movies are fun to watch - even for us adults.  Brian & I have happily watched it with the kids dozens of times now. We're even excited at the prospect of a 3rd movie coming out (I mean really excited.)  Anyway, as I was nestled up with kids on a recent snowy day, watching DM2 - I found myself thinking that the main character, Gru - even though not classically attractive -is such a sweet guy with a rough exterior and so good with the kids, that he would be a fun date.  He'd probably be up for anything including roller skating to 80's music at a local rink.  My mind wandered to a scene where Gru & I were roller skating hand in hand to the unofficial anthem of the 80's - Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.."   Yep, it's the end of January and that's where I'm at...

Also, recently came the revelation that my cell phone may be haunted with supernatural activity.  It's been called to my attention lately, that people are receiving random texts from me.  Like out of the blue Brian will call me and ask if everything's ok.  When I inform him everything is fine, he asks me why I sent him a text telling him that I can't talk right now because I'm busy and I'll call him later.  What???   Knowing I didn't send that text, I immediately check my phone, and sure enough - there was a text sent to him an hour before.  The creepy thing was that when that text was sent I was outside with the dog - I didn't even have my phone with me.  How could that have happened?  Then I'd get a text from my mom asking if I'm ok.  I check my phone and same thing - a text telling her I can't talk now.  Strangely enough, I'd been in the shower when that text was sent to her.  What was going on?  It was like there was a really polite ghost using my phone to let people know I was busy.  Like a supernatural personal secretary of sorts.  It was really starting to creep me out, though and I found myself putting my phone down somewhere then going and "spying" on it to make sure it wasn't getting in touch with anyone it shouldn't.  And frankly, I've been hovering around my data usage limit for the last few months and didn't need some pesky ghost using up the remainder of my data and costing me overusage charges. 

I had to get to the bottom of this thing, so I called one of my "go-to" people when something bizarre happens - my sister.  She's the type of person I can call and tell her absolutely anything and she's not shocked. Like for a Christmas gift, I could send her a map of Zimbabwe, a biography of Pat Sajak, and a scientific calculator and she'd be cool. No questions asked.  So I call her at 10pm one night to inform her that my phone is haunted by a pesky, but polite supernatural entity.  We mulled that over for a bit and decided that as fun as all that would be, there was probably a scientific explanation.  Plus, she hadn't been texted by the ghost, so clearly there was some good reason for that. Sherlock Holmes style, we had deduced that the texts had only gone out to those who had recently called me when I wasn't in posession of my phone.  So where was my phone?  It was on the wait, it wasn't.  BEN had it.  He's obsessed with playing games on my iPhone and whenever I put it down, he picks it up and starts playing.  So was it him sending texts?  OMG my 3 year old son in a genius - call Mensa!   So we had my sister hang up and call me back while I pretneded to be Ben playing one of his games on my phone.  Sure enough, when there's an incoming call, there are options to "decline" the call and another to "send a text message".  When you hit the send message option, up pops a list of canned messages that say things to the effect "I can't talk now - I'll call you back.."  So he was clearly hitting one of those and sending the along - having no clue whatsoever.  Mystery solved.  My Thursday evening spent digging for clues in the case of the Haunted iPhone. 

So I'm going on imaginary roller skating dates with cartoon characters and my phone isn't haunted by a supernatural entity.  Yep....January.  Prayers for sanity always appreciated.

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