Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now THAT'S Hot....

Did you know that if your grill catches on fire you can use baking soda to put it out?  Yep.  I had the unfortunate experience of looking out the window to see flames shooting out of the grill (note: the chicken that was cooking on it was not edible after that point).  It's a gas grill, which made it a bit nerve racking, so I did what any brave woman with a grill on fire would do.  I remembered an article I read on the uses of baking soda (dousing grease fires being one of them), then I screamed for Brian and armed him with a box of baking soda while the kids & I ran and hid behind the couch and watched from the window.  In the end all was fine - fire was out - nobody exploded.  Turns out you actually have to clean the grease that collects at the bottom of the grill before using it, otherwise it can catch on fire.  Oops.  I didn't know that.  I thought the grill was pretty low maintenance.  But it's not.....aaaaand I set the grill on fire.

On a lighter note...We've been having tons of fun out in the sun now that summer is here! In the last week, we managed to hit the splash pad, our favorite beach, and a friend's pool for a swim.  So we're soaking up all the summer we can while we can. These are the days that make all those awful, cold January days worth it.  The weather has been just perfect and our days filled with summery fun.  This is not to say that each day is filled with rainbows and roses. fact, at the end of each of these lovely outings, there's always some kind of fiasco that reminds me that I have 2 preschoolers with me.  Like for example, when Ben fell in the public toilet as we were leaving the beach...EWWWWWW!!!   He leaned over the toilet to flush it and slipped.  And fell in.  I just....the germ level was off the charts.  It's almost as bad as the time he & Lauren put their tongues on the counter of the pharmacy during flu season. Maybe this is worse...I don't know - I can't think straight with all the Lysol fumes permeating the air.  Anyway, more preschooler drama ensued on Friday when Ben "graduated" from his little sports camp and was being handed his merit award and Lauren decided at that exact moment that she was going to throw up, only to have me rush her to the bathroom where she decided she was fine.  Mmmmm Hmmmm.   I'm pretty sure she gets her dramatic flair from Brian..

In other news, my iPhone of 2 years has finally bought the farm.  It's truly amazing that the phone lasted as long as it did...what with 2 kids playing games on it and many close calls with a body of water.  Honestly, I really wasn't looking forward to getting a new phone.  I get really attached to my electronics (ya I know - I'm a weirdo..)  But think about it...this phone has been with me, by my side, under my pillow at night, for 2 years!  We've laughed together, cried together.  I've received great news and tragic news on that phone.  I've clutched it in my clammy hands while laying on the bathroom floor with the horrid stomach flu while I updated my facebook status to "I think I'm gonna die.."  I've googled everything from "chicken marsala recipes" to "how to remove a crayon from my toddler's nose" to "hot pics of Mark Conseulos".  That phone and I have been on vacation together, and played countless games of Candy Crush together.  Oh and don't even get me started on Siri!

Last week when the phone went completely haywire and refused to do anything but email, I knew it was time for a new one.  So I headed down to AT& T to figure out what to get.  As I sat there waiting for a salesperson to help me, I took a little walk down memory lane in my iPhone & I skipping through a field of flowers saying our goodbyes.  I was feeling pretty bad when suddenly I was approached by this gorgeous man - a cross between Channing Tatum and a young Daniel Craig.  Perfectly chiseled features and eyes that could melt the heart of any woman between the ages of 17 and 92.  Under his shirt, rippling muscles and a body made for running around on a beach with tight swim trunks....saving "drowning" women who threw themselves into the riptide just to be saved by this beautiful Greek God sent from the Heavens for the viewing pleasure of women the world over a very nice salesperson who was extremely helpful in helping me to chose a new phone :)    For some reason, I was feeling much better about my new phone as a I left the store.  On a completely unrelated side note:  If you are a woman and live within 100 miles of Manchester, CT - you should immediately take a hammer to your current cell phone, and then head into the Manchester AT&T for a new one.  You'll thank me later.

As I write this, Lauren & Ben are at their little morning camp session I signed them up for.  I have to say it's pretty strange dropping them both off and actually having a few hours to myself - GASP!  It's been nice getting errands done sans kiddos...and SO much faster, too!  Yesterday I actually came home, put my iPod on with some really cool jazz music, and cleaned the house top to bottom (well, mostly) - and not even ONCE was I interrupted  to break up a fight over who could play with a 25 yr old Strawberry Shortcake phone (that was mine as a kid) that no longer works and that nobody has looked at in 2 years except when 1 of the kids starts to play with it and suddenly it becomes this hot commodity...

The Phone In Question

I actually have an hour to kill before I have to pick up the kids...hmmm...what to do.  You know what?  I think I need another car charger for my new cell phone.  AT&T - here I come :)

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