Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Colds and Things That Go Bump in the Night

I'm on week 2 of the summer cold from hell.  This cold really knocked me on my butt.  I haven't been sick in a while, but for some reason this one got me.  I blame the kid's summer camp for this.  Lauren was congested for a day or 2, then Ben - then I got steamrolled.  It's like a little slice of January right here in July!  (We all know how much I love January).  I finally gave in and went to the Dr....I had an awful sinus infection (back of hand draped dramatically on forehead) and I got some fun antibiotics. And by "fun" I mean, doubled over with stomach pains because Augmentin really does a number on the tummy.   It's all very dramatic.

I tend to get a little....fussy....when I'm sick.  Normally, I'd have called my mother to whine and complain.  She's a great mom like that - she's like a bowl of chicken soup right over the phone.  She's also a nurse, so she can field questions like "My sinuses really hurt -Do I have flesh eating bacteria of the nose?" or "I think I have brain eating ameoba from swimming in brackish water.."   After gently reminding me we don't actually have brackish water around here and that she's pretty sure it's just a common cold, she then entertains days of phone calls where I just whine.  This time, however, she had gone on a trip to Ireland, so my mommy was out of pocket.  Poor Brian.  He was also sick, I had to take it easy on him.  I briefly contemplated calling my dad, but when it comes to things like this - I don't think he quite gets what I'm looking for.  He likes to solve the problem - not  mull it over 17 different ways and then do it again the next day.  I imagined the conversation would go something like this...

"Hi Dad, I'm sick and I think I'm going to die.."
"Sorry to hear that honey, you should probably get things in order and make a will."
"But Dad, I feel awful and want to complain"
"Honey, you'll feel fine tomorrow.  Take a Tylenol."
"But Dad..."
"Melissa?? KASHHHHHH - I think we have a bad connection...CHHHHHASSSSHHHH...Can't hear you....breaking up..."

I was briefly mad at my father, then realized we didn't actually HAVE that conversation.  Sorry, Dad.

As all you mommy's out there know - when mommy gets sick, we can't take a "sick day".  We still have to care for our babies and make them meals and field 247 questions an hour, just like any other day.  When I get sick, the babies descend upon me to "care for" me.  They take my temperature with thier little plastic thermometer and sit on top on me as I lay lifeless on the couch with a pillow over my head in an effort to make the pounding headache stop.  Inevitably, they get into a fight - Lauren looked at Ben too long or Ben told Lauren her fingers are going to fall off and won't "take it back" and they go back & forth until I yell out from underneath my pillow that my head hurts and mommy needs to get better, so please stop the fighting.  This only serves to spark a barrage of questions from, "Where does a headache come from?  Did I bang my head?  Why do I put my head under a pillow?  Will that make me better?  Should they do that when they're sick?"    If I answer, it only prompts more questions. If I don't, they'll continue to ask the same questions until they have satisfactory answers.  It's so relaxing!  :)

In other news- our house may be haunted.  Not like "chairs piled into a pyramid in the middle of the kitchen" haunted.  More a subtle haunted.  Radios turning on by themselves randomly, doors opening in the middle of the night, Brynn acting REALLY strange, and now my keys are missing.  It all started a few weeks ago when Brian & I decided we'd move our bedroom into Lauren's room since she's been sleeping in Ben's room and basically just uses her room as a dressing room :)    Her room and closet is bigger than ours, so we figured we'd take her room - and move her room into our old room.  So of course we have to repaint the rooms and move dressers, etc - but in the meantime, we've moved our bed into Lauren's old room.  I don't know if we just upset the feng shui in the house or what - but since then all these strange little things have been happeneing.   I was making dinner one night and an old radio we have in the corner of the kitchen came on.  It's been there for years and never done that before, so I thought it was odd but didn't dwell.  A few nights later I was in the kitchen and it happened again.  A few days later I was in the kids playroom and the TV was on - and just shut off by itself.  Ok...I mean, not too big of a deal - but we've lived here for 4 years and never had anything strange happen before.  Then the other night I pulled in the driveway after going out to get dinner.  I got out of the car and came into the house - keys in hand.  We have a key rack we always hang our keys on on the way in.  I do it automatically now.  Keys are always there.  I swore I did that the other night, but in the morning the keys were gone.  Brian & I tore the house apart thinking maybe I set them down somewhere by mistake - but they're nowhere to be found.  I even dumped out the trash and went through it to make sure I didn't accidentally throw them away.  We checked the car, of course to see if I left them in there...they HAVE to be somewhere in the car or in the house.  They are literally nowehere - fallen into a vortex.  Both Brian & I swear I came in and put those keys on the rack like always.  Yesterday as we searched the house, Brynn (my mastiff) wouldn't leave my side.  She was never more than 2 inches away from me.  It was strange.  Finally, last night we were asleep and we hear Brynn barrel assing up the stairs - again something she never does in the middle of the night.  It startled both of us out of a sleep - she was waiting at our door for us to let her in.  She was spooked.  Brian checked the house and found nothing.  The dog then paced around the bedroom and wouldn't settle down.  Finally, Brian decided to go down on the couch to try and salvage a few more hours of sleep before his alarm went off.  While he was down there the hall closet opened by itself.  Middle of the night.  No explanation.  Hmmm.  Maybe we're all just crazy...that's a real possibility, too.  But it is strange.  Do I believe in ghosts?  I don't know - I'll save that one for the next blog.  Meanwhile, we're thinking about moving back into our old room.

Stay healthy and hold onto your keys! :)

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